A wedding is the celebration of the love between two people, and should be a reflection of you as a couple. There are endless options – glamorous, casual chic, simple, themed, garden, chapel, formal, indie – my job is to give you the wedding you want, and being able to celebrate with you on one of the most important days in your life together is something I am so lucky to do.
I believe that all couples should be able to show their love and commitment to each other, and have their commitment respected and recognised. Love is love, and should be celebrated and rejoiced in!
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Vow Renewals
Vow renewals are a celebration of your married life together. Whether it’s at one year, 5 years, 10 or 70, every day spent together is a milestone and should be celebrated!
A vow renewal can also done as a second wedding – if you’ve married in another country, or had a registry wedding and now want a celebratory ceremony with your friends and family, a vow renewal is a great way to have all your family and friends involved without having to go through the legalities of the ceremony again.

Commitment Ceremonies
A commitment ceremony is a way to publicly celebrate and affirm your love. It can be just between the two of you, simple and understated, a formal and traditional-style wedding, or something else entirely! Similar to a wedding ceremony, but unconstrained by legal formalities, the day is yours to do exactly with what you wish.

Sometimes, you just want to be married!
Whether you do it in your backyard in shorts and a singlet, or wear your wedding-est best for each other, an elopement is something that is your own personal celebration, without the fuss and organisation of a crowd. It’s generally a simplified ceremony, or words that are shared with only the two of you or your absolute closest supports. An elopement can be just as memorable as a huge celebration. The ceremony can be as traditional as you like, or you can be married in literally a few minutes. I can even provide witnesses if you like.

Baby naming
Naming ceremonies are a way of welcoming or formally introducing the new baby into your family. The way a naming ceremony is presented can vary widely – it can be traditional in style, with the appointment of Godparents or guardians, or something sweet and casual, a simple celebration of new life.
Holding a naming ceremony is a beautiful way of celebrating the little people in your life, and is a lovely occasion to bring all the family and friends together in celebration.

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